Development of a high-efficiency solar-light generation system

Garam E&C Co., Ltd. (Sung-soo Kim, CEO)
The most important in solar energy generation is improving direct efficiency of the solar battery. The efficiency of the solar battery has been improved 2~3% due to the efforts over the past five years but the improving speed of efficiency has gradually slowed down. Also, increase of associated costs tends to rise, so it is true that the expanding speed of the solar-light generation market has slowed to that extent. Accordingly, the needs of the market to systematically reform or improve the efficiency of the solar battery to supplement such disadvantages has been continuously increasing and Garam E&C Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing the high-efficiency solar-light generation system market by using the Switching Method, adding bright prospects for the solar-light generation market.

Maximizing efficiency by reducing losses when
converting DC to AC

Last year, countries all over the world boosted efforts to reduce greenhouse gases with the Post-2020 Climate Change Regime established by the Paris Climate Change Convention as a momentum. And it is likely that efforts to research and develop technology using so-called green energy and generating method using this, moving on from the generating methods using fossil fuels, will be accelerated.
Under such circumstances, for solar-light generation, one of the main green energies and generation methods, diverse researching and technology developing efforts to maximize efficiency have been exerted and especially, the solar photovoltaic system which generates electricity using solar energy has gained a lot of attention as it is a technology that can systematically improve the low efficiency of the solar battery.


Therefore, the high-efficiency solar photovoltaic system of Garam E&C Co., Ltd. is uncommon since it has technical distinctiveness in efficiency improvement and maintenance, the most popular topic in the solar light system field.
First, to reduce a frequently occurring phenomena that an inverter converting DC generated in a solar battery to AC is turned off because insolation during sunrise and sunup is insufficient so a necessary voltage range for an inverter to operate is not met and re-turned on when a voltage range is met again and to lessen a decline of generation efficiency occurring because an inverter is not re-operated for a minimum 300 seconds to protect an inverter once it is turned off, when it drops under the set voltage value, it is detected through the sensing module by applying the “Switching Method” and it makes a voltage input into an inverter increase by connecting module groups 1+1 according to a logic of a switching controller.
Because a voltage satisfying the starting voltage of an inverter is input, it prevents an inverter from being turned off, and it improves generation efficiency as well since the generation time generating electricity increases. CEO Sung-soo Kim, in this regard, explains “Our company’s high-efficiency solar photovoltaic system is a product developed to solve a generation efficiency problem on a system level, not on a solar battery and inverter level which is the primary production and conversion device, as a method to improve generation efficiency. We could have distinctiveness from the same business field since we secure technology that maintains a voltage by combining module groups as we remedies a part that an inverter is turned off when a voltage drops due to insufficient insolation during sunrise and sunset and is not re-operated for minimum 300 seconds to protect an inverter after shut-off.”
He also added “Our company’s high-efficiency solar photovoltaic system realizes a structure by using a high voltage relay so that it can maintain a voltage through combining and separating a high voltage, which is changing from DC 700V to 900V according to a seasonal change, as it is designed with a maximum capacity. And it is designed in such a way that this is delivered to a module controller and switching controller through the developed Switching Method algorithm and controlled and monitored according to a set value. In this way, our company presents quite different distinctive technical skills.

Nurturing a hope with distinctive outstanding technical skills

The solar light market is gradually expanding its realm.
However, it is commonly known that sales and scales of the solar light related industry are still not huge or stable when compared to the market size. Therefore, constant researching and developing efforts and distinctive technical skills are needed to overcome this situation.
In that respect, Garam E&C’s success in developing technology will be very helpful in various respects. First, for the direct effect, it has reached sales of about 10 billion won with products manufactured through technical development up to the present since technical development. It also brought employment for about 10 people by establishing a product line and employing researchers.
However, the most significant fruition is the establishment of foundation that enables Garam E&C to grow into a leading company in the solar system field. In this respect, CEO Kim explains, “Technical development is essential for growth of small- and medium-sized companies and Garam E&C, through the foundation for the primary growth, has advanced as a leading company in the field of solar light systems, while creating job opportunities at this point when a social employment problem comes to the fore. Sales did not increase a lot last year because of the tough solar light market. However, we forecast that we can make a leap again this year.”
This forecast is based on the outstanding technology of a product that resulted from technical development success and the fact that the flow of market demand was properly predicted. CEO Kim explains, “In fact, as a result of a research to find out and reflect opinions of managers in actual demanding companies through the sales department in the process of conducting pre-technical investigation and market research on developing technology, there were managers who want to apply technology even though it is not yet fully developed along with the response saying that ‘there is no reason not to use if its technology is distinctive from other companies and development efficiency is improved.’ Because we could check requests for not only the new market but also existing market, for example ‘Can it be installed in a new site only? It would be good if it can be installed in an existing site too,’ we could make very good prospect about commercialization from an early stage of technology development.”

Expecting to grow into a leading company in the solarlight
system field

The road to success in technology development is a long and winding one. It is particularly true when it is hard to find a solution to a variable and a problem occurring in the process of developing technology. But when finding a solution under an unexpected circumstance or in an unexpected place, difficulties and emotional burdens vanish. The same was true for Garam E&C Co., Ltd.
According to CEO Kim, “We tried to develop a method maintaining a voltage by combining solar battery module groups. It was frequent that a relay couldn’t endure or a circuit diagram exploded when combining or separating a high voltage changing from DC 700V to 900V according to a seasonal change by designing with a maximum permissible capacity.” He explained, “It is because PCB and elements manufactured with the knowledge used when designing electronic circuits of 5~24V couldn’t bear changing from DC 700V to 900V. While we were running in place because we could not find a cause that we should vary a design of used elements and PCB, we diverted our thoughts with a word ‘high voltage relay’ mentioned in a meeting with the construction and field team and could solve a problem based on things that a DC voltage is used from circuit designs, used elements and PCB artwork.”
Regarding future plans, CEO Kim explains “We are verifying idea planning and technology for a follow-up model of a previously developed product and preparing to release an advanced product with a cheaper unit cost and more stability than a current product by proceeding technical development.” He also mentioned that “the company is operating with a young passion with an image of the young company composed of members in their 20s to 40s from the beginning stage of establishment, and as we got current results as such the passion lead to challenges toward new business and new technology, we will try our best to be a leading company in the field of solar light system with unfaltering initiative and young passion.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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