Real-time provision of movie subtitles/voice for foreigners/the disabled

CAC Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Chang-hee Lee, CEO)
‘The digital fingerprinting barrier-free movie subtitles platform’ developed by CAC Entertainment Co., Ltd. through this research project provides subtitles and voice describing movie screens in real-time through a smartphone so that sight and hearing impaired people or foreigners can easily watch movies in a theatre. A sight impaired person can listen to descriptions of movie screens by plugging in earphones to a smartphone and a hearing-impaired person can see subtitles and descriptions. With the barrier-free movie subtitles platform, both the disabled and foreigners can enjoy a movie together in a theatre only with a smartphone.

Overcoming the limits of enclosed-type barrier-free movie service

Sight/hearing-impaired people held a demonstration in front of the red carpet of the 2010 Grand Bell Award. An outcry by them, “Let us watch Korean movies,” led to the revision of ‘the Motion Pictures and Video Products Act’ and has resulted in a mandatory screening of domestic movies. However, as featured movies is serviced after adding sound called subtitles and screen descriptions into an original movie, it caused a lot of controversies such as a problem of the copyright on a movie due to damage (modification) on an original, a problem of high cost when making a film (KRW15 million for domestic film, KRW 12 million for foreign film) and a problem of reverse discrimination against the disabled as the proper meaning of barrier free that the disabled and the non-disabled live together corrupted due to the operation of exclusive theaters for the disabled. Actually, film screening for the disabled was implemented using an exclusive theatre for the disabled during the Busan International Film Festival but the association of the disabled rather insisted that operating an exclusive theatre is reverse discrimination.
In these circumstances, the voice recognition-based barrier-free movie subtitles platform service which is developed through this research project can overcome the limits of closed-type barrierfree movie service in Korea. It also can start a ripple effect such as production related subtitles and creation of a supplementary industry of technology industry through formation of the barrierfree content market.
Regarding technology development, Chang-hee Lee, CEO of CAC Entertainment, Co., Ltd., mentioned, “I got the idea for the digital fingerprinting technology-based barrier-free movie screen platform from digital audio fingerprinting of Shazam (Naver music search), mobile service searching music being played in the street. I thought that ACR (Auto Content Recognition) service, playing screen descriptions and subtitles which are the aiding content for the sight/hearing-impaired people by synchronizing at the relevant time, will be available if technology recognizing playback time (time code) is additionally applied.”


Supplying environ ment Where people can enjoy

together watching movie image beyond

the physical•language barrier


The digital fingerprinting technology-based barrier-free movie image platform developed through this research project overcomes the disabled/non-disabled and language limits as a user (a foreigner and a disabled person) synchronizes the screen describing subtitles or multilingual subtitles (native language) using a mobile device in the field of movie screening service. In this way, it eliminates the cultural gap and provides various platform services for a more convenient and fair movie watching environment. It also provides a movie image watching environment that anyone can enjoy in the same time/place beyond the physical and language barrier. Furthermore, it can foster infrastructures that can secure the disabled people’s right to enjoy culture by improving the movie watching environment of the disabled in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (Article 11522, the Law on Disability Discrimination and Remedy for Violation of Rights). In addition, it can contribute to vitalization of culture and tourism in Busan through Korean wave content (movie), maximization of industrial ripple effects and creation and invigoration of new film and video industries such as subtitles, translation, screen description, mastering, etc.
CEO Lee who explained that he had difficulties in securing development manpower and with lack of technology developing funds but he was in the most difficult situation when finding a market that he cannot but run into when commercializing said, “I could solve a lot of parts such as finding a market and collecting information necessary for technology development through exhibitions, expositions, seminars, etc. and received a great help especially from Busan’s film and video organizations.”

Growing into the global entertainment in global

movie industry mecca of Busan


CAC Entertainment Co., Ltd. tried to accumulate solution (SDK) making based technology by employing technology manpower in the multimedia field and researching digital fingerprinting (signal processing) in the static field for the past two years in the aspect of technology and research to develop the digital fingerprinting technology-based barrier-free film and video platform. For this, an infrastructure called Busan where the head office is located was very helpful. Busan has a weighty presence as the center of the movie industry in Asia such as creation of international image content valley (Special Act on Asia Image Center City Creation), Asia film center city designated by UNESCO, relocation of government agencies such as the Korean Film Commission and the Korean Film Classification Commission and Busan International Film Festival. Based on these infrastructures, CAC Entertainment Co., Ltd. could promote business successfully by cooperating with associated institutions and companies. Based on this, PC-based DNA extractor and upload and the function extracting DNA from voice data input through a microphone could be realized. Also, PETA SyNC, the systematic DNA management module through realization of objects of DNA Class and DNA Manager Class, could be realized. PETA SyNC is the world’s first DNA automatic matching system through sound recognition. It finds and matches, in real time, a movie showing now by processing big data of sound DNA extracted from a movie. There is a service such as Shazam that finds music playing now but it is restricted to music. For the service finding in real time which movie is currently playing, PETA SyNC is the first and only one in the world. Based on its success in PETA SyNC, CAC Entertainment Co., Ltd. could develop the barrier-free mobile application (APP) after the barrier-free DNA extractor and the barrier-free content management system.
Explaining, “We will be the center of the movie industry that builds and leads the content industry system with the long-term discernment and by consistently investing and producing with a vision of hardening Busan’s status as a hub city of culture and image not only in Korea but also in Asia and the world,” CEO Lee showed confidence by adding “We will introduce various art cinema theatre exhibitions with Busan International Film Festival which built know-how and networks to develop the Korean movie industry and infrastructures and become the center of global entertainment by producing jointly with Asian countries such as Japan, China, etc. and with Hollywood.”

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