Intelligent BT-NT-IT integrated platform based water-treatment core technology

Technology overview: Intelligent BT-NT-IT water-quality automatic measurement core technology and water treatment core technology has been developed that can monitor water quality of a stream or water quality change of a sewage-treatment facility in real-time using data obtained from the micro-modular water quality automatic measurement device and provide the function of actively preventing environmental pollution.
Using developed technology not only can it detect and respond to a water-quality-pollution accident by monitoring, in real-time, pollutants such as organic matters, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc., existing in first rainwater overflows and wastewater from a sewage treatment plant flowed in to a stream and lake but also it can actively change an operation module of a sewage treatment plant responding to pollutant inflow change.
Developed technology is composed of three specific technologies: First, micro-modular water quality monitoring technology is the measurement technology calculating TN, TP and BOD by analyzing concentration of organic matters (DOC), nitrogen (NH4+, NO2-, NO3-) and phosphorus (PO43-), which is the core information for water quality of streams (including lakes), first rain water overflows and wastewater of a sewage treatment plant, and 6 general items and, based on this, operating a software sensor. All of these measurements are completed in 5 minutes and it has accuracy less than 5%.

Manufactured Micro-modular Water Quality Automatic Measurement Device
/ Manufactured Smartphone Based General Items Water Quality Measurement Sensor

Second, micro-modular water quality automatic measurement device based water quality gathering and responding technology is the technology that can detect, predict and respond to a water quality polluted situation using a developed model by collecting measured water quality information as a standardized form through a smartphone communications network or wireless communications network such as WiFi, etc. Third, water quality automatic measurement device based city overflows/sewage treatment facility process controlling technology is the technology detecting water quality change of city overflows and sewage inflows in real time using the micro-modular water quality automatic measurement system and based on this, controlling facilities treating city overflows and sewage treatment plants. Based on this, among overflows flew in to a stream quickly when raining, BOD, SS and TP are removed about 7~80%, > 90%, > 90% respectively.

Industrialization: The intelligent BT-NT-IT integrated platform based water treatment core technology development research team achieved results of 33 cases of technology transfer and 49 cases of industrialization (technology transfer 641 million won, sales 1.44 billion won) until a task is completed. First, the foundation for advancement into overseas markets has been established through development of a micro-modular water quality automatic measurement device. Water quality automatic measurement devices developed in this project and water quality information and management technology have been applied to the developing country (Sri Lanka) project to establish a system optimized to operate a water treatment system. Next, a multi-channel water quality measurement device was exported to Malaysia and future industrialization was promoted through micro-modular water quality information gathering and responding technology. Furthermore, the flow analysis and modelling to manage water quality has been conducted by applying a stream water quality prediction model developed in this project to Malaysian streams. Through this, sales of about 660 million won were achieved. Also, a contract to introduce a Malaysian traditional market sewage treatment plant of the water treatment system was under way based on this.

Problem-solving in industrialization: There was a difficulty when applying for a formal approval in Korea for the reason that it is excellent technology but different from existing methods. However, to overcome difficulties to enter into a domestic market due to regulations enacted mainly for existing measurement methods, we advanced to an overseas market first and succeeded in overseas industrialization while proceeding with a product’s field application and enhancement. Regarding developed water treatment technology, we faced the reality of the saturated domestic market and proceeded with technology marketing through overseas human networks of a person in charge of research. Also, technology verification and field visits were managed while continuously operating a pilot plant installed in a domestic sewage treatment plant. Through these efforts, we established the foundation of overseas business and overcame difficulties of domestic business by transferring technology to domestic and overseas companies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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