Vessel sealer of laparoscope operation tools

Technology overview: Of laparoscope operation tools, vessel sealer is used to control hemorrhage in blood vessel with high frequency. If a blood vessel is not bound up properly during operation, would be serious internal bleeding, sothis is a high risk product and many trials and errors were required in manufacturing all parts because this is the nation’s first production. The first approach to make a difference from existing multinational companies’ products is design for user’s convenience, as a handle is applied so it can reduce muscle fatigue than existing products. Second, Sunnedix insulates pipe and rod and removes wires, whereas existing products are using wires to flow bipolar electricity to 5mm diameter pipe. This driving unit allows it to rotate 360 degrees with improved electric safety. Terminal tissue contacting area is manufactured by applying metal powder injection molding, and recovery rate is increased by applying coining technique (Re-constructing) after molding for precise dimension. IEC 60601 3rd version is applied to the test for CE certification, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 are applied to entire manufacturing processes from development to packing and sterilization, and commercialized is focused on systemized follow-up management.

Industrialization: An unexpected problem encountered in domestic industrialization was the user’s and buyer’s motivation of purchase. Sunnedix’s capability was too poor to win through the material superiority of intense marketing and persistent product training by multinational companies. Thus, the company cooperated with a domestic electric operation tool manufacturer and requested it to take full charge of marketing in 2015. In overseas markets, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Japan showed interest and currently sample assessment is ongoing.
Taking into account the fact that the medical market is, generally speaking, conservative, it is considered necessary that the company now follows the advisable course, and reinforcing sales capability such as exhibition is expected to produce fine results.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Registration procedures in each country is the biggest issue in export. Required registration period takes 1~2 years, and related costs are high, which are used as invisible trade barriers. Sunnedix is overcoming the difficulties using fellowship with existing customers, and now registration is under process in Egypt. The biggest problem in domestic industrialization is Sunnedix’s poor business network because the company has been focusing on export, therefore the company now proceeds to contract in the consideration that it is better to request its sales to a big company with strong domestic sales capacity. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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