All-in-one smart CCTV[INQ. NO. 1606E09] Hansun Engineering is a representative security company specializing in intelligent surveillance systems, and it has been leading the security industry in Korea since its establishment in 1998.

Hansun Engineering’s major business model consists of smart CCTV systems, flame detectors, and construction of extinguishing facilities. In particular, the innovative smart CCTV, ISS-WA60, provides identifiable images of multiple people and cars in wide areas with 45 degree angle and 60m distance in real time.
Untitled-25.jpgISS-WA60 is an all-in-one smart CCTV with the on-board computer and multisensor systems of IR camera, whole-area surveillance camera, and dynamic zoom camera. ISS-WA60 recognizes/detects people and cars within the surveillance area of 45 degree angle and 60m distance by using an IR camera, and then rapidly and accurately acquires their enlarged images with the auto-tracking zoom camera.
By supporting seven-extended modules such as sound detector, radiation detector, flame detector, behavior recognition, and facial recognition, it is perfectly suitable for its purpose. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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