[INQ. NO. 1606E08] Pinetron’s DVRs basically have unparalleled design, user-friendly G.U.I, and powerful clientoriented software CMS/EMS, which also support mobile viewer (i-phone, window mobile 6.5, 2G/3G mobile phone).
The XM3K, the first version among Pinetron’s X Series (H.264 DVR), features an attractive design concept, touch front, quick setup menu, the highest image quality, and 120/100fps recording.
The second edition of X3K has functions such as touch front, quick setup menu, (without DVD-RW), HDMI output, and 120/100fps recording.
The third face of X4K has such various features as touch front, individual rec. resolution, dual stream, remote firmware update, and 240/200fps recording while the most latest model of its X6K stands out by supporting a real-time CIF recording, various search(preview/event/log search), and easy event routing.
The H.264 PDR-series made by Pinetron are compact recorders displaying high-quality performance, which efficiently incorporate the functions of a recorder, multiplexer and web server into one unit.
The series is backed by a strong and stable CMS(Central Monitoring Software) and EMS(Enterprise Management Suite) software, and thus it caused itself to generate a significant synergy effects to be enlarged for enterprise and networking environment in practical security fields. The DVDS (Digital Video Distribution System) is the company’s available future-oriented total security solution. Pinetron is working to advance into the remaining potential areas of the entire global markets following its aggressive business drive. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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