Agate (Instant Application Framework)

[INQ. NO. 1608E21] YOOICSOFT’s Agate is mobile App development framework that develops Apps using the script method. It can develop an Android App and an iOS App simultaneously with one code, and is a framework to develop native Apps operated by the real-time interpreter method.
With the full native development method with which both function and UI are operated in native method, the speed is fast and UI structure is unrestricted, diff erent from the existing HTML method hybrid Apps. In developing similar Apps, the code is much simpler compared to HTML and existing native App development methods, and it can develop an App that can change UI and function in real time in the server, which allows for dramatic improvement of productivity and reduction maintenance costs.
2016-08-24 14;08;23.PNGAnd its Yooic service is an App hosting service that can develop and create Apps on the Web without development tools.
With this service, you can simply select an App template, create an App, and distribute the App in the App market without special knowledge about the App. As it provides an online App-build function, the users can modify the code directly on the Web to create an App for distribution without specifi c development tools.
Because the Apps you created are based on the Agate framework of this company, they are superior to HTML method in terms of UI and speed. App development and maintenance costs can be reduced by 95% or more compared to existing costs, therefore it can be operated in the type of Decentral O2O Service where even small businesses can create Apps and do App marketing directly. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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