Smart Parking Solution “iPARKING”

[INQ. NO. 1608E20] iPARKING develops and IOT based smart parking systems and mobile solutions directly. The iPARKING System is a cloud-based smart parking system that connects off -line parking lots to an online system and provides smart parking services to drivers and parking lot managers. It manages all usage information related to the parking lots in real time and analyzes big data for effi cient parking lot management.
The “iPARKING ZONE”, where the iPARKING smart parking system is installed, does not just provide parking services only, but also provides various after-market services related to automobiles.

iPARKING provides services through mobile to interested parties related to parking. “iPARKING,” an application for drivers, provides various information required to use parking lots, including surrounding parking lot search and usage information, parking position save, and real-time parking status, and allows the user to check and manage all the data on parking lots anywhere and anytime through “iPARKING CEO,” an application for parking lot managers. Parking platform is provided through over 12 services related to parking, including “iPARKING CS,” which can manage many parking lots comprehensively and “iPARKING Members,” which is a parking lot sharing & matching service. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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