Clean-up robot

[INQ. NO. 1608E14] Yujin Robot’s highly competitive clean-up robot iClebo Smart (self-mapping navigation version) automatically generates a map for your home by continuously taking photos of the ceiling and the walls while it cleans.

With this map, it can decide for itself what parts of your home have not yet been cleaned and will know when it has done the job.
Armed with more than 20 detection sensors, iclebo Smart can avoid collisions with the wall or the furniture and abort dangerous situations such as falling down stairs. With these, it can also switch between modes that allow it to avoid (mopping mode) or climb (climbing mode) carpets/rugs up to 13mm in height.

It will also look after itself. Using its map of your home, it will always return to its starting location for recharging once it has fi nished the job. Even bett er, if it has run out of batt eries before it has fi nished the job, it will return to home base, recharge, and then continue from where it left off as if there were no interruption in service.
And there is also another highly competitive product for this company to broaden its global presence, which is called “iRobi Q.” This is a content customizable intelligence service robot based on network, and it was developed to help the robot service business provide network or local service solution to kids and senior people.
This supplier also provides s service development kit (SDK) including robot application interface, script editor, 3D simulator, and etc. which leads programmer and fl ash developer to cultivate service content appropriate in a country or business fi eld. Especially iRobi Q is based on Window XP so that content can be easily converted to robot content with robot’s motion and facial expression. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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