Cybos LCD tablet monitor

[INQ. NO. 1608E13] With growing popularity of distance learning worldwide, AHA Information & Communication’s cybos LCD tablet monitor is especially designed with excellent potential for use by students and lecturers in different locations. Its advantages are that lectures can be more easily understood, while students’ learning progress can be more easily checked by the lecturer or teacher, thus helping him/her to lead the students more effectively. It is easy to use, with one-touch key and simple use of VTR, DVD and camera. It is compatible with all PCs and coms with easy-to-use software that can be utilized by students.

For lecturers and teachers, it is easy to create e-Learning and ubiquitous contents. The main features of the monitor are that it uses a high-resolution LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel and fourth-generation based electronically induced digitizer technology. The lecture is automatically recorded into a video file format (WMV) and can be posted on a homepage or LCMS, so that students can learn ubiquitously over the Internet, anywhere and at anytime and be more easily understood.
Some of the main features adding to the popularity of this product are that you can touch and Write by hand or with a tool on LCD Touch Screen Monitor. Soft writing is available on the screen thanks to the anti-write noise technology (supports all MS Windows fonts). It has a whisper-tip stylus (256 colors and fluorescent pen) right and left-hand mouse buttons, drag & drop, keyboard with Korean, English, numeric, character recognition functions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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