Constant Development and Research with Creativity in Mind

Constant Development and Research with Creativity in Mind April 1976, Ajin Industrial was established under the mott o of “diligence and sincerity,” “creativity development,” and “technology development.” Despite encountering many diffi culties, the company has developed consistently by accumulating technologies through constant development and research with creativity in mind for 30 years. Manufacturing auto parts to whole body parts of interactive vehicles, Ajin focuses on increasing its products’ competitiveness in the global market.

201610e_page_23_03Furthermore, sett ing a goal to globalize its technology, Ajin Industrial has achieved innovative technology development and built a global management system through localization via overseas subsidiaries.

AMR-C6008 is an eight-channel HD mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), which is designed for the safety of commercial vehicles. For drivers, surveillance of the blind spot can help them avoid accidents without any human assistance. For passengers, the surveillance of a vehicle’s interior helps prevent crime.

201610e_page_23_11For fl eet owners, AMR-C6008 helps cut costs and prevents unsafe driving. AMR-C6008 can be an aroundview monitoring system (AVM) with diff erent software, but with the same housing. Four cameras are fi tt ed on each side of a vehicle to monitor 360-degree views. The AVM recorder diff erentiates AMR-C6008 from other products.

201610e_page_23_05-06ACMS is intelligent vehicle management software that can improve productivity and effi ciency of fl eet business.

Vehicles are one of the most expensive assets of a business.

While business owners have installed safety equipment to protect their properties, like CCTV and access alarms, vehicles are normally operated without any safety systems.

ACMS is therefore the best solution to protect your vehicle property.

AWIS is a comprehensive diagnostic system for automatic welding equipment. The product enables accurate diagnosis for spot robot guns and welding tips according to welding conditions. AWIS can analyze trends in welding equipment status, detect signs of errors for error prevention and trace defective products. AWIS provides eff ects of reducing M/H of maintenance and enhancing the reliability of welding quality.

Various Parts and Fast Service

As a global company, Ajin Industrial can supply small amounts of various parts at competitive prices as well as fast service through branches in the USA, China, and Japan.

In addition, the company won the second Gyeongsangbukdo Clean Management Award in March 2015.

In December of the same year, the company was listed on the KOSDAQ market. Its corporate culture placing top priority on the development of human resources has contributed to building such a competitive environment.

Ajin Industrial is a global creative group led by talented people who enjoy challenges and changes on the basis of creative vision, thinking, and actions.


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Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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