Producing LED Lights with More Advanced Technologies

Producing LED Lights with More Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd., Korea System Business, was established in 1999 as a company with future-oriented technologies. It values quality much more than quantity and intends to share its information with others. It aims to grow as a competitive company that goes beyond borders in the era of the digital economy.

201610e_page_22_03KSB’s main area of business has been LED lights since its foundation, having produced all sorts of indoor and outdoor lights, such as LED fl at lights, underground parking lot intelligent LED lights and LED edge fl at lights.

However, it has also produced DIDs, Digital Information Display, for indoor as well as outdoor. Currently, it is interested in expanding its business to reusable energy such as solar.

Exporting LED Street Lights and Security Lights to More than 15 Countries

For KSB’s LED lights, CPM, Conductive Patt ern Method, has been widely applied, using fl exible PCB. So 3D binding can be applied to products of any shape or structure. An adhesive binding with minimum thickness of heat-emitt ing circuits and heat-emitt ing materials minimizes heat resistance. Also, insulation materials provide capacity to withstand voltage stability and light product.

201610e_page_22_06A typical metal PCB has a copper circuit layer and insulating layer on a one-to-one basis, so it is diffi cult to make a copper circuit layer smaller than insulating layer to enhance capacity to withstand voltage. But, in KSB’S CPM PCB, it is possible to make the copper circuit layer smaller than insulating layer. So the insulating layer can cover the copper circuit layer fully.

Based on CPM, LED street lights and security lights such as KSB-LE types can replace existing street lights such as metal, sodium and mercury while saving energy by 50~60%. They are most eff ective in heat radiation with CPM and ceramic coating and safely functional even at AC90 ~ 270V with excellent waterproof and dustproof capacities.

Furthermore, they are easy and convenient to install on the spot.



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Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
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