Mobile phone accessories

Mobile phone accessories[INQ. NO. 1610E07] Over the past 30 years, Samyangcns is a company developing accessory product of mobile phone, cameras and wearable goods, etc. Samyangcns made a new brand ‘@hand.’ ‘At hand’ means ‘near’, and it is an expression of its goal ‘Let’s make good case to protect customers’ precious smart devices!’ Samyangcns hopes that you keep your smart device for a long time by using the @hand case.


Samyangcns always researches and develops simple yet unique designs based on customers’ experience. And the design makes the products different. Creative design and high accuracy for customers is the most powerful strength of @hand. It is not afraid of new challenges from which the maker could gain new technical skills. You can choose many kinds of colors and materials. @hand produces not only stuffed goods but also plastic cases, hard cases, etc.

The company is broadening the field by developing various hard cases.

@hand was planned and developed by its mother company samyangcns that has high technology skills from OEM, to ODM production since 1973. @hand is not confined to only one material or production system. It pursues flexible and best technology and superior quality for customer satisfaction.


• Ssamyangcns Co., Ltd.
3F, 40, Samjak-ro, 133, beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel:(82-32) 681-1071
Fax:(82-32) 674-1071
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