Becoming a Comprehensive Medical Device Manufacturer

Becoming a Comprehensive Medical Device Manufacturer is a specialized medical company based on its enterprise goal to be a world leader in overseas markets by pursuing ceaseless studies and eff orts. As the slogan “Technology makes life” represents, it has a goal of looking for ways for high-tech to contribute to the lives of people and it promises to advance into becoming a comprehensive medical device manufacturer. Medikors where over 70% of the entire staff is composed of engineers, is focusing on the development of core competences and has made contributions in pioneering new markets

Providing Solutions for Researchers

201610e_page_31_03Academic and pharmaceutical researchers commonly analyze bone and body composition of lab animals for investigations of genetics, cellular physiology, and of agents aff ecting bone or softtissue composition by using general single energy after dissection that requires a time and labor-consuming process with inaccurate data

DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) system allows the research to get accurate results of measurement for lab animals by eliminating the need for destructive chemical analysis

However, the spatial resolution of table DXA measurement is too poor for mice and the rectilinear scanning process of older peripheral DXA measurement requires too much time for a total body acquisition with relatively poor precision and spatial resolution. The long process requires careful sedation techniques and often endangers lab animals

Medikors’ InAlyzer (DXA body composition analyzer for lab animals) provides precise bone mineral density and body composition value of lab animals from total body imaging in less than 60 seconds without dissection

201610e_page_31_06Practically, serial assessment with only several lab animals is simply possible. By operating InAlyzer, a researcher can save time, cost, labor and lab animals. Also, InAlyzer is designed to make the researcher safe from the radiation by blocking off the radiation eff ectively with internal protection structure

Other advantages of InAlyzer include its capability to analyze various sizes of lab animals and to provide total results and ROI(Region of Interest). First, it has a wide scanning area (basic: 140 mm x 210 mm, option: 210 mm x 315 mm), so it can scan from small animals such as mice, lemming and rat (weight 10 – 50g) to mid-sized animals such as dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig for BMD and BMC analysis. It also provides accurate total body results and each ROI of BMD and body composition as a spine, femur and humerus

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System

201610e_page_31_10Digital infrared thermal imaging system, InnerVue3, is equipped with non-invasive adjunctive diagnostic technology to visualize and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. InnerVue3 can graphically display the very subjective feeling of pain by objectively displaying the changes in skin surface temperature. With InnerVue3, you can diagnose, evaluate, and monitor a large number of injuries including soft tissue or blood vessel of injuries and sensory and autonomic nerve fi ber dysfunction.



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