Contributing to the Society with World-leading Technology

Contributing to the Society with World-leading Technology its establishment in 1996, InBody has been striving to operate as an excellent, 21st century company by fulfi lling its corporate mission of contributing to society with world-leading technology. It will continue to support the growth of society with highly value-added products and services by facing all challenges and meeting expectations of people with a deep sense of responsibility.


InBody intends to continue to grow day after day as it is never complacent about its own achievements. Rather, it is trying to pile up small achievements, one at a time.

InBody is dedicated to inspiring and leading people to live a healthier lifestyle. Going forward, it will continue to follow its mott o, “Makes life bett er,” while steadfastly adhering to its guiding principles of passion, eff ort and innovation. The InBody and its technology are FDA approved and its results have been validated by research.

InBody has also established subsidiaries in the USA, Japan and China. Today, InBody has a global network of partners in over 70 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

See what you are made of

InBody continues to spread the importance of knowing your Body composition, as opposed to simply monitoring your weight. The information from the InBody test allows for personalized exercise and diet programs to maintain healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, the InBody test is widely used in various research and professional fi elds.

SMF-BIA (Patent registration number: US 8271079) is specialized in simultaneous multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis. A shift of body composition and change in water distribution of the body causes inaccurate measurements when the body composition was analyzed by former technology.

201610e_page_30_06InBody with its exclusive technology overcomes this limitation by fl owing the multi-frequencies instantly at the same time. The innovative technology is called SMF-BIA which guarantees high accuracy of measurement is proudly introduced by the InBody770 with its new generation and is fast and easy.

Moreover, it has a userfriendly interface with voice guidance that lets you easily take the InBody test and collect results. It comes in two diff erent test modes, Self- Mode and Professional Mode.

The examinee can easily take the test with the Self Mode by only entering his or her own height. When the Professional Mode is on, more detailed consultation information is provided on the screen.

PC with the InBody via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is recommended. User data will be listed up in your PC and by using it, you can remotely control the InBody570, save details of the user, and manage appointments with email service. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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