Developing a Wide Range of Dash Cameras with Various Features and Functions

Founded in August 2006, Qvia & Lukas (also known as Qrontech) is a world-leading manufacturer of dash cameras located in Seoul, Korea. Qvia & Lukas has developed a wide range of dash cameras that cover all price points and consumer requirements with various features and functions. With relentless commitment to R&D, Qvia & Lukas is known for its cutt ing-edge technologies in the high-end dash camera market.

Some of the unique features that Qvia & Lukas off ers include the world’s largest memory card capacity and industry high operating and storage temperatures. Qvia & Lukas utilizes industry’s unique technology for maximized memory card effi ciency. It is the fi rst in integrated GPS system, built-in multi-booting system, lens fi let support, multi language voice guidance (up to 21 languages), dual band GPS, dual security LEDs (Blue-Red), dual save function.


New Dash Camera Innovations Offered by Qvia

QVIA z970 WD optical zoom replaces fi xed viewing angle method altogether with an automatic and manual 3X zoom feature to secure both image quality and clarity at long and short distances. In the event of an impact of increase in speed of the surrounding vehicles, the automatic zoom function will compensate the viewing angle to capture the onsets of an accident and all relevant information such as street signage and license plate numbers.

QVIA T790 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, which allows for quick and easy access of real-time and stored footage directly from android and iOS smart devices.

It also supports full HD resolution of 1920x1080p to bring clearer display, accuracy and detail. Sony IMX322 sensor greatly improves the quality of video recorded in both daytime and nightt ime. Qvia T790 can capture videos at 30 frames per second, providing clear and crisp footage. It is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

QVIA R975 is unmatched in video quality with 3.97 inch full touch LCD and front & rear cameras in full HD. It is a smarter dash camera with Wi-Fi, which connects to smart devices with the camera to watch live and recorded videos.

QVIA’s user-friendly and intuitive GUI allows you to change sett ings easily and conveniently with a simple touch on the screen. It captures front videos at 30fps, and has succeeded in solving the chronic problem of relatively low quality rear videos by upgrading them to 24fps.

Qrontech Co., Ltd.
583, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
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