Specialization in Implant Systems with R&D center and Open Innovation System


A&B Biomedi Co., Ltd., which was established in September 2013, is a new fi rm specializing in implant systems that has been developing and supplying diff erent types of implants. The sales have risen every year by 100% in the Korean market and recently, it has been concentrating on the international markets on the basis of its own unique technology development and high-quality products with reasonable pricing.

The company operates an R&D center while adopting an open innovation system that establishes a cooperation system with Korean universities and outside agencies for research and development. It has received recognition for its high technology and in April 2014, it received recognition as a venture company and has been designated as a recipient of the business start-up support from the Korean government through a university. Most recently, it was appointed as a Star company of 2016 that will play a major role in leading the new future of the local economy in Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea.


A&B Implant System – Fixture, Abutment and Surgical Kit

201610e_page_51_10Fixtures (Fix-S, Fix-I and Fix-E) feature strong initial fi xation power because of the special design technology of the screw parts. Each screw thread makes moves independent depending on its size and role and has excellent initial fi xation power, so it is possible to make implants more stable. It can make perfect bone incorporation in such a short time through an SLA-Type surface treatment method (RA: 2.7). A&B Implant is a high-tech system designed to be compatible with international implant system.

Abutment is a patented product that has been designed to prevent loosening of the implant after the procedure. The company has released various designs of diff erent types of abutment thereby widening customers’ choices.


When a screw head is seated on the top of the abutment and gets mastication pressure continuously, it disperses the pressure and reduces the sinking phenomenon. It is designed to be an all-in-one screw and abutment type after its connection. There is a hex on the bott om of the abutment, so it prevents abutment from being rotated by being linked to the implant connection part.


A surgical kit includes drill and countersink. The drill is designed to gather autogenous bone if needed. It has countersink to control the initial fi xation power. Each depth of a drill has stoppers making it possible to precisely drill.



A&B Biomedi Co., Ltd.
#101, Structure 1, Daegu Techno-Park Venture Factory, 62,
Seongseogongdan-ro 11-gil Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Tel:(82-10)7600-3254 Fax:(82-53)322-0728
E-mail: anbbiomedi@gmail.com
Webiste: http://www.anbimplant.com

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