Expanding Service Infrastructure of Clinical Diagnosis Sequencing and Molecular Diagnosis


Founded in June 1997, Macrogen has been enhancing its study and service infrastructure, building a global genome network, expanding the base of new growth business – clinical diagnosis sequencing, molecular diagnosis – and existing core business – capillary sequencing, next generation sequencing.

201610e_page_50_03Macrogen’s global genome network has been established mainly in Europe, Japan, and Central and South America, with which Macrogen has been discussing large joint genome research programs.

About 70% of consolidated net sales are generated from more than 150 countries outside of Korea. Macrogen has expanded its business to various countries in Europe, as well as the USA and Japan, and so forth.

In Korea, the Genome Center for patient-specifi c medical service is in the course of establishment, which will contribute to the expansion of the service infrastructure of clinical diagnosis sequencing and molecular diagnosis.


Advancing Through Genomics

201610e_page_50_14The company’s myPETGENE utilizes genetic testing services for preventive treatment of diseases, preventing loss and abandonment by owners, in order to promote both the well-being of pets and to establish a healthy culture regarding animal companions. Certifi cation of chromosomal identifi cation, including genetic disease markers, is becoming a standardized cultural procedure in adopting healthy animal companions. myPETGENE promises to regard your animal companions as family and will strive to establish a healthy pet culture by providing high-quality services through constant research and development.

201610e_page_50_06DNA profi ling is a testing method which extracts DNA from a sample obtained from a pet, and analyzes the genetic patt ern. Through DNA profi ling, the company compares and analyzes genome sequence to determine whether the DNA is from the same species, or keeps the analysis results for future use. myPETGENE off ers analysis result based on ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) standard.

201610e_page_50_11First step into myPETGENE’s blood relationship is to express genotype of pets. Being genetically inherited DNA forms in pairs – inherited by each side of parents. Blood relationship can be scientifi cally proven by comparing the DNA pairs.

Genetic Testing for pets use extracted DNA to analyze any mutations in disease-related regions and structural abnormalities to check for genetic disease occurrence probability. DNA, which is an informational database, uses a special coded system which function is to make proteins. In the case of normal DNA, thousands of coded protein interactions allow and maintain normal physical activity. In other words, the coded proteins are the basis of how the maker is able to digest food, neutralize toxins, and react effi ciently against contagious germs. However, when a mutation occurs in the DNA due to various reasons, functional proteins are no longer produced and a disease occurs. Such mutations can be inherited from parents or can be a postnatal development, and inherited mutations can be confi rmed through genetic disease testing.


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