Innovative High-Powered LED Lighting Systems

Innovative High-Powered LED Lighting Systems

Since its establishment in 2000, DooYoung T&S has specialized in high-powered LED lighting systems featuring low power consumption, high optic effi ciency, optimum radiation design, uniform intensity of illumination and a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

The company’s “DYSL” series LED lighting systems employ four kinds of radiation technologies as well as LED multi-chip package, high radiation ceramic & adhesive, ceramic coating heat plate and heat sink (radiator panel) and high illumination refl ectors.


The combination of high illumination refl ector technology and chip on board (COB) surface eff ectively solves the problems of eye strain, including severe luminance diff erence between the LED and the surrounding areas, dark shadows and glare. Thanks to the fi rm’s special technology concerning heat dissipation, the temperature of heat sink can be controlled not to rise high and power LEDs can be applied to the lighting systems.

Considering optimum ratio of heat dissipation, an aluminum heat sink was specially designed. Heat pipe was developed to dissipate high-temperature inner heat of fl oodlighting. It consists of sealed 16-angle pipes made of aluminum. The pipe is covered by ceramic with good isolation eff ect and heat conductivity as well as inorganic adhesive. Optimum radiation technology & materials and AC power technology are being applied to lighting devices with high output. Optic effi ciency and life span can be maximized with a parallel arrangement of LED.

The fi rm’s high illumination refl ectors are specially designed in a dual layer with 16 angles substantially increasing light concentration and refl ection effi ciency.

Multiple angles on the refl ector plane widen the radiation fi eld far from the light source and enhance radiation.


Making Perfect Replacement for Previous LED Lightings

201610e_page_39_03The maker’s highpowered LED lighting systems with high illumination refl ectors are widely applicable for hangars, maintenance shops for planes, as well as all kinds of industrial and sports purposes, including street lighting, plants with high ceilings, parking lots, terminals, parks, squares, stations, performance halls, large exhibition halls, playgrounds (night lighting), fl ood lighting, harbors and factories.

Featuring soft and comfortable lighting no glare and shadow, indirect LED lighting systems from the company are suitable especially for supplemental lighting for greenhouse crops.

The DYSL series LED lighting products are very light: DYSL 300W and DYSL 600W weigh 8kg and 10kg per set, respectively.



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