Making the Best Thermal Links in the World

Making the Best Thermal Links in the World

Founded in 1987, Dong-Yang Electronics has become one of three major brands in the Thermal Links industry through close collaboration with their partners and the customers around the world.

201610e_page_40_03From the beginning, DYE has maintained one primary focus: “Making the best and the safest Thermal Links in the world.” Specializing only in Thermal Links, backed by their own unique technology, and using a strategic market approach with constant eff orts to produce a top-notch product have led to exporting to over 50 countries and expanding its market share. Their revolutionary “know-how” skills also have led to the top quality automated production lines in most of producing stages.

They are committ ed to satisfy various needs of the market. They are constantly striving to improve product quality further through innovative management approaches, upgrading production lines and adapting to fast changing markets.

With the most advanced technology, short lead time and great communication with each customer will keep this company in the market as a major player.

Highly Reliable Safety Devices – Thermal Links & Thermojoiner

201610e_page_40_07Thermal links (Thermal fused) are designed to provide utmost protection against overheating of all electric and electronic products, therefore, protecting valuable lives and properties as well as a product itself from unexpected fi res at the most cost-effi cient way. There are two major heat sources from operating a fuse include external heat from the surrounding of a fuse and self-heating due to electric current.

DYE thermal fuses (organic thermal element type) are to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electric and electronic products, these are one shot (non-resettable) devices.

Two major applications are automobiles and home appliances including heating devices, coil-winding products, power supplies, offi ce equipment, telecommunication devices and other most electronic deviced, ranging from toasters to ovens, gas ranges and electric humidifi ers. DYE thermal fuses are exported to over 50 countries with all the certifi cation approvals such as UL, VDE, PSE, CCC and KE.

Thermojoiners are the product originally invented by DYE. Its concept is opposite to that of Thermal Links.

When the temperature exceeds the rated Teurperatare, thermojoiner closes the circuit and operates the specifi c apparatus. It applies to signal transmitt er, guidance lamp system, emergency lighting system, fi re alarm system, thermal sensing devices, etc.
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