A Leading Provider of LCD Mold Frame to Major Display Manufacturers

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Founded in 1987, Samjin LND started out as a precisiontooling company exporting components for Korean and Japanese camera and copier manufacturers, and has received numerous recognitions for quality and technology.
Since 1999, it has been leading the innovation of the components industry for TFT and LCD displays, culminating in winning the 2005 National Quality Management Award.
201610e-80_03Since 2000, with the rapid development of the LCD industry, Samjin LND continued to grow as a leading provider to major display manufacturers of LCD Mold Frame. Since 2009, with proprietary LCD backlight and light guide plate optics and precision mold technology, and by incorporating eco-friendly LED light source, it is developing and producing high-effi ciency, high-quality and human-centric, award-winning LED lighting products.
Due to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Korea’s “Basic Energy Rationalization Plan” phasing out of incandescent light bulbs by 2013, Samjin LND’s LED lighting business is expected to experience radical expansion. Samjin LND has already developed a variety of industrial and commercial lighting products such as indoor fl at panel lights, round ceiling lights, linear lights, fl ood lights, security lights, and street lights. Having established an excellent reputation for the performance and quality of its products, it has already started making considerable earnings in the domestic and export markets as a company specializing in indoor and outdoor LED lighting.
Its LED lighting products have received KC, Effi ciency, KS, Sustainability and Government Procurement certifi cates domestically, and UL, DLC, CE, PSE internationally. Samjin LND employees and management team are committ ed to continuing to develop the best products by building on many years of accumulated experience and technology, and it will continue to be a company that strives for the highest satisfaction of its clients.


Specialization in Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting

SIRIUS linear light is the latest vapor tight, high effi cient highbay over 160lm/w. It provides excellent horizontal and vertical illumination. Optional bracket is available to enable simple multi connection such as 2 pack, 3 pack and 5 pack.
Sirius series can be controlled with a wireless dimming system.
BEETLE is a troff er shaped and intelligent Smart controlled light, which stimulates a person’s well-being, mood and health. It can improve concentration, safety and effi ciency at workplace or educational environments beyond energy-saving only.
Tunable TUBE is a convenient Bluetooth-controlled light using a smartphone or tablet with direct interface, easy to control color temp, dimming, on/off in application. One smartphone/tablet can control up to 1,000 smart lamps.

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