Growing into a World-Leading Manufacturer of Temperature Controller [INQ. NO. 1610E08]

President & CEO Lee Won-yong

President & CEO Lee Won-yong

Please introduce your company and tell us what has driven the growth of your company

I wanted to establish a company that serves the world through my skills and technology, as indicated by the name of my company.
Although small, I’ve been donating a portion of my profits to charity ever since the company was founded. I’d like to continue doing so. I know the word “kind or nice” isn’t necessarily related to running business but I personally believe in being a kind, nice person. That’s why I wanted to create a kind company and become a nice president of the company. I’ve been running my business for ten years with this philosophy and it has brought a positive outcome for the business.
My relationships with my colleagues have played a role in the company’s growth. I consider them as my companions rather than employees. If they are better than me in a specific field, I empower and entrust them with authority.
This kind of trust has driven our company’s growth.


What are your key products and why are they competitive?

201610e-82_10We plan, design, manufacture, and sell temperature controllers. To be specific, temperature controllers for electric heaters are our main product. We provide customer service tailored to our clients’ needs, making our product more competitive than others. Many of our customers abroad have turned their attention to our products after they were disappointed with Chinese products. They wanted quality products while comparing our price with that of the Chinese products. I knew if China could do it, so could we. It was not easy but we successfully managed to come up with a plan for manufacturing customized products, taking great advantage of the manufacturing infrastructure in Korea. As a result, we have built great partnerships with local companies in Germany and Russia.


Tell us about your biggest export market and where a promising market would be

We are currently doing business with companies in Germany and Russia. Environmental problems have become global concerns and many countries are now considering electrical heating systems as a “clean system” that is environmentally friendly. With this in mind, we see China, the CIS countries, and European countries including Turkey as promising markets and are planning to target them.


What are your values and principles as a CEO?

As I previously mentioned, having a good heart and being nice is what I believe in. I also consider that a company can never be loved by customers if it does not make good products. Since our products are compared with Chinese products, good products should mean that they are quality products with competitive prices. Plus we should continuously respond to the customers’ needs and be able to manufacture customized products.


What is your future goal?

Any comments you want to share with overseas buyers and customers? The most realistic goal we have is to gain at least one new client in each region we’re targeting. We’re living in an era where technology evolves every day. This applies to temperature controllers. We’ll continue improving our quality and technology while striving to develop innovative products to lead the market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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