Seetech, a Mecca of Currency Processing & Expert Companies of Global Banking Machines Seetech Co., Ltd. is a small but strong global company that exports banking machines to approximately 100 countries around the world. Seetech that began the export of general currency counters upon its establishment in 1996 created a huge sensation in the Korean domestic market with launching of the fi rst counterfeit detector CF-100 and swept over the market that had been dominated by foreign products at that time, and the technology was highly recognized worldwide.
201610e-78_06Seetech was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for the fi rst time in 2005, and the Prime Minister’s award continuously from 2006 to 2013 in the section of trade and export in Korea based on high export records. It was selected as a small but strong company in 2012 and the excellent technology of Seetech has been writing new history in the industry of banking machines very year is highly recognized by about 100 customers around the world.
Two Most Representative Products of Seetech, iH-110 and ST-350N

201610e-78_10The I-hunter iH-110 is only one machine that is possible to count the Banknote, Cheque and Barcode together in the world.
It is a highly effi cient banknote, Cheque and Barcode detector that will meet your needs and requirements. It can accurately count notes and safely detect counterfeits all at high-speed operation. It features FULL IMAGE with FULL COLOR (R,G,B), FULL LINE MG, IRR, IRT with dual CIS and UV. It also features fast image processing without delay and strong serial read and comparison.
201610e-78_03It can read serial with fast speed (up to 1200) with powerful serial number comparison. It also can read the MICR for Cheque and Barcode with fast speed. It is very effi cient because its fast network with the machine can upgrade the SW and send any data (counting, serial, full note image) with fastest speed by network. The machine has suffi cient storage so you can have over 40 currencies. Put any notes and the machine will check them.
ST-350 is a smart, practical multi-currency fi tness sorter and banknote counter designed for users’ convenience.
ST-350 is optimized for high performance, enhanced authentication and easy operation. Its fi tness sorting is more complete as it is designed to fi tness sort and authenticate banknotes with an unprecedented level of accuracy and security.
Continuous and uninterrupted sorting is available with a processing speed of 700 notes per minute. It is designed for multi-currency, multi-level fi tness sorting and authentication, available up to 10 diff erent currencies. It is easily upgradable with USB memory stick, and it features easy control keys with Graphical User Interface (GUI). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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