Specialization in Smart Home that Creates Value and Safety of Life

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Since its inception in 1968, Commax has sought to step up convenience in life through its innovative telecommunications devices in a bid to reinforce human safety and create new values for all human beings.
Half a century later, Commax has now grown into a global enterprise that fulfi lls the expectations of its customers around the world because it has always been faithful to its core business philosophy that its products and technologies must be completely trustworthy from its customers’ perspectives.
201610e-77_06Commax is a global top brand that’s loved all over the world. It meets global standards with its full line-up of products and systems satisfying diff erent local market environments and requirements, as well as providing standardized products and services by means of its globalization strategy that targets globalization and localization at the same time, along with accumulated technologies and know-how.
Making the Value of Life and Safety Professional Smart Home Industry

201610e-77_03The company’s 7-inch premium full-touch Modum Videophone improves the standard of home interiors. It has enhanced security function of CCTV monitoring and security sensor and can be installed in all door entry environments, from a stand-alone house to an apartment complex.
It has enhanced security functions of CCTV monitoring and guard / porter call. Plus, it is able to communicate faster when assistance is needed. It is expandable with up to two monitors, two door cameras and two interphones with wide LED display. Also, it is connectable with IoT devices and visitor identifi cation via smartphone.
201610e-77_10The smart wall is integrated with an IHD function, eco function, boiler and lighting switch, EMS controlling, entertainment and security. This product is integrated with smart equipment, the world’s fi rst information platform. It features full HD display and smart touch so it provides a convenient smart home solution via Full HD touch display.
Lighting and boiler switches are integrated into the wall pad, providing unity of interior. With EMS (Energy Management System), it is possible to monitor the energy status on a real-time basis. Users are able to monitor the information of home network devices via IHD (In Home Display).
Premium public entrance lobby phone, with the world’s fi rst tempered glass application, provides various user-oriented functions for security and access control. With visual and vocal recognition functions, multiple access control is possible with a variety of verifi cation methods. It enables video, audio and data communication via one UTP cable to simplify the installation. It also creates a luxurious atmosphere with Commax smart blue.

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