The Largest Semiconductor Test Probe, Socket and WLCSP Probe Card Manufacturer in the World Leeno Industrial Inc. is one of the largest and most respected semiconductor test probe, socket, and WLCSP probe card manufacturers in the world.
201610e-76_03Founded in 1978 in Korea and listed in KOSDAQ in 2001, it manufactures thousands of products of the highest quality and reliability in the marketplace.
Leeno specializes in the manufacture of critical testing components for IC products, test and analysis. Leeno is an established market leader through its continuous innovation, high reliability, exceptional quality and prompt response to customers’ requirements.
Leeno’s proprietary products, Leeno Spring Test Probes and IC test sockets are crucial in the testing process of most electronic products. Its technical expertise allows the company to perform the entire manufacturing processes from design, to precision machine, plating, assembly and fi nal inspection.
Leeno is able to meet on time delivery and to have one of the fastest lead times in the market. Meticulous quality control using leading-edge measuring equipment as well as the extensive production capacities allow for multi-item low volume production and enable the company to produce optimal products with unmatched response time to a rapidly changing market environment, worldwide, while meeting a wide variety of customer needs.
Leeno can produce superior quality products with the fastest production and delivery. With these factors, Leeno’s goal is to become a global leader with total interface solutions.

Providing the Most Comprehensive Assortment of Tests

In the area of semiconductor, Leeno Pin and IC Socket are spring contact probe and IC test socket for back end IC test.
Leeno probe card is for front end wafer level test. For IC inspection, test sockets are essential in back end test and so is front end as WLCSP probe cards. They are interface solutions for testing area and the best solutions right now.
As for medical components, the ultrasonic probe is a component in the probe that evaluates att ributes of a target by interpreting the echoes from radio or sound waves respectively. The core components that make up the medical ultrasound probe are provided with high-precision processing technology based on the international standards of medical equipment.
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