The First DLP 3D Printer Manufacturer in Korea with Liquid Photo Source Technology Carima is the fi rst DLP 3D printer manufacturer in Korea and has a liquid photo source technology using special sheet. By employing the digital optical technology and know-how of CK Industry, the predecessor of the current Carima, the company has strived for the production and commercialization of purely domestically produced and manufactured printers.
In the wasteland-like 3D printing industry conditions of Korea, Carima succeeded in developing Master, the fi rst DLP 3D Printer, 3D printer IM-J, DP110E, and jewelry, as well as 3D printing technology C-CAT that boasts the highest speed in the world. It operates retail stores in eight countries such as the USA and China and exports to 35 countries, contributing to the popularization and globalization of Korea’s 3D printers.
Carima’s sales targets are customers who need a 3D printer all around the world. Carima has equipment for industry use, jewelry, and popular use, so it can satisfy the needs of various customers. The products that are actually sold are used in customized ways for each fi eld such as construction, character modeling, dental, rare metal, machine and electronic components design, universities, and national research institutes. Carima will secure many more customers by making large industrial equipment and dental equipment.
Master EV, the First DLP 3D Printer that Maximizes Wide Modeling Size and Precision

201610e-72_10Master EV is an industrial 3D printer that has maximized a wide modeling size and precision. As a product that has applied Carima’s own patented technology that is the one and only in the world, it has built in a high-performance, simpletouch PC.
IM-J is a highly precise smart jewelry 3D printer for jewelry designers. It has applied UV LED engine, has a wider modeling size than the products of competitors, and can be used for more than 20,000 hours.
201610e-72_03DP110E is a popular compact 3D printer that can satisfy both price and performance. It boasts the highest cost effi ciency among the products of same level and features a simple design and compact size.
Also, the embedded interface allows you to print products easily.
Carima’s products were manufactured using liquid photo source technology that it developed on its own.
201610e-72_07By using this technology, outputs can be produced in a very precise and stable way. In addition, C-CAT that has the world’s highest speed is soon to be commercialized. This technology is very innovative as it can print 1cm per 1 minute with the laminating thickness of 0.001mm. This technology is very promising, so it will be able to lead the paradigm shift of future technology if it is commercialized. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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