Success with the World’s First Cord-Free Massaging Gadget Homelec Korea Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers / exporters in advanced personal care devices in the region. Its specialty lies in developing products that can reduce technologies down to a much simpler level – from cord-free, to eventually hassle-free for any personal care gadget that is used on a regular basis around you. It is always in Homelec’s best interests to deliver high levels of convenience and comfort.

With over a decade of product-design and know-how, it strives to reach beyond expectations, designing to market’s needs, delivering quality products to end-users, and eventually building trust. Its fi rst system, Cordless Massager, has made moderate success since its offi cial launch in mid-November 2013. And it is exported to Australia, Middle East and North America as of now. The company is looking forward to gaining more momentum in the upcoming years.

Homelec Cordless Massager

Homelec Cordless Massager is a portable dual massager that is free of cords and cables. What is so special about it is that there is no reduction in massage strength compared to other electric-powered ones in the market. What’s more, the gadget off ers various strengths to match your options.
Appropriate level of massage strength on the waist, shoulders and thighs is no problem for this massager. To spice up the fun of the massaging gadget, there is a vibration motor at the tip of the hand grip for facial and scalp massage.
It is a cord-free rechargeable massager with percussion massage. This vibration massager features silicon material and long lasting batt ery which can last more than three hours after one hour of full charge. You can change its head as well with options of air-cushion, point, six-head, oil massage, scalp and facial. It can also massage bone or joint areas such as the knees, wrists and feet. It has a dial-type control and comes with a massager stand. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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