Cutting-Edge Medical Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer to Satisfy Intricate Requirements Overseas The “RENO Series,” medical low-temperature plasma sterilizers from RENOSEM Co., are designed to sterilize highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instruments.
201610e-70_03Combining its most eff ective plasma technologies with innovative designs and rapid sterilizing time, the company is providing cost-eff ective solutions that enhance productivity, competitiveness and fulfi ll clients’ optimum safety and economical satisfaction.
The fi rm’s plasma sterilizers feature strong penetrability, thus eff ectively sterilizing single-channel fl exible endoscopes and rigid endoscopes. Long, narrow, closed lumen sterilization is guaranteed without any adopters or boosters.
Their fast sterilization allows users to increase instrument turnaround, reducing costly instrument inventory. Gentile sterilization is ideal for delicate instruments (i.e., heatsensitive and humidity-sensitive ones). Non-toxic residue such as water vapor (H2O) and oxygen (O2) ensures safety for users as well as environment. Thus, the sterilizers naturally compile with all international environment laws and regulations. User-friendly interface, including touchscreen, built-in printer, storage system, maximizes uses’ convenience.
Low running cost is feasible using RENO-Series. The products do not require additional facilities, like water plumbing, aeration systems and consumables for wasting sterilization cassett es. Their single-use cassett e type system reduces the sterilization agent expenses.
Leading Domestic Plasma Sterilizer Sector

The manufacturer is one Korea’s market leaders in this fi eld with specialized know-how in sterilization process technology. With many years of experience in developing and producing a full range of plasma sterilizers, it provides various services to customers in healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors.
“Continuous R&D, high quality, safety and comprehensive services are important aspects of RENOSEM. We have already acquired international certifi cations like ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and foreign standards such as CE. We will exert our eff orts toward providing a full range of plasma sterilizers to bett er meet customers’ requirements,” said the company’s president Lee Kwang-sik.

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