Becoming a Total Solution Provider in the Global Optical Fiber Industry Since 1982, when Ilsintech was founded as a high-precision tools manufacturer based on its management mott o, “Challenge and Innovation,” the company has been leading and pioneering the processing equipment of optical fi ber, other tools and accessories.
201610e-69_03Launching the fi rst optical fi ber termination products in 1999 in order to meet the customer”s needs for highly effi cient and reliable quality products, Ilsintech has been developing and introducing various products for processing optical fi bers such as strippers, cleavers, multipack, core alignment splicers, clad alignment splicers integrated with thermal auto stripper and cleaver, Splice- On Connector (SOC) and many other related accessories.
Ilsintech is very proud of being qualifi ed as a fi rst-class manufacturer of precision technology products, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifi ed, holder of many domestic and international patents.
Also, Ilsintech”s products have passed strict quality standards of major international certifi cations. Ilsintech is highly appreciated by worldwide customers for providing the fastest customer service. It will keep serving its valued customers with cutt ing-edge technology products as a total solution provider in the global optical fi ber industry.
Three Major Products of Ilsintech, SWIFT K11, SWIFT KF4A and SWIFT KR7

201610e-69_14Swift K11 is the most advanced and the best performance core-to-core alignment for every splicing purposed like medium- and long-range optical circuits, LAN, CATV, FTTx with least loss. With compact, light, rugged design and long-life batt ery, it delivers high precision performance.
Furthermore, a 5-inch color monitor with touchscreen off ers users more convenient and effi cient working processes.
201610e-69_06Swift KF4A is the highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE cladding alignment fusion splicer, which has been designed to perform the fi ve major multifunctional features systematically: stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving. In addition, optional Optical Power Meter and V.F.L (Visual Fault Locator) are embedded in the machine.
They allow users check the splice result immediately without additional tools.
201610e-69_10The Swift KF4A is best fi t for fusion splicing and fusion Splice-On Connector (SOC) of FTTx network applications, which eliminates big drawbacks with conventional mechanical connectors (low quality, weak durability and high maintenance costs). Swift KF4A fusion Splice-On- Connector gives its customers the best ROI.
Swift KR7 is the advanced typical ribbon splicer that can proceed the maintenance via the Internet. And it can take user-friendly GUI for user convenience. The Swift KR7 can be used for single, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 types of ribbon fi ber and even Splice-On Connector (SOC). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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