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ICEPIPE specializes in incorporating ICEPIPE heat sinks for developing high-effi ciency, high-output and ultra-light weight LED lamps. Adapting to fast-changing market trends, ICEPIPE constantly pushes the limits of R&D to pioneer next-generation solutions.
ICEPIPE considers the environment and people fi rst above all else. It strives to preserve a cleaner and more convenient environment for generations to come.
The World’s 1st 4th Generation IOP/CTI/Cul Technology

1UR2000 is an LED high bay with ICEPIPE’s exclusive technologies, IOP and CTI, applied. This highperformance LED lamp’s lifespan is fi ve-times longer and power consumption is one-third that of conventional lamps. In addition, without fl ickers, its luminous effi cacy per watt is twice higher as well. It weighs only 1.4kg and makes the installation quick and simple with E39 socket based.
In sum, ‘UR2000’ is a high-performance product with the cheapest price tag as new radiant heat technology, IOP (ICPIPE on PCB), has been applied to increase the heat transfer rate while reducing prices of raw materials to 1/10.
CuI (Copper ICEPIPE Heat sink) technology has been applied to CD4000 with its heat transfer rate 200-times faster than aluminum for the fi rst time in the world. CD4000, therefore, is a high output product that can possibly replace existing Metal Halide up to 1kW. Its lifespan is maximized with increased reliability by embedding a three-step protection circuit. Also, it achieved ingress protection rating IP67 so it is possible to install anywhere outdoors with design to rotate 360째. Compared with other high output products that are, in general, heavy and therefore, hard to install, CD4000 weighs only 5kg so it is relatively easy to install, maintain and repair.
2OBB are Omni LED bulb products that can be used in various industrial locations as well as for street lights, security lights and explosion-proof lights. It also has the same light distribution as conventional lamps and it is very economical since one can easily replace this Omni type bulb OBB with other bulbs in existing enclosed fi xtures. As for prices, OBB bulbs are much cheaper than existing street lights, by about fi ve times, with its lifespan fi ve-times longer and electricity consumption three-times less. Also, OBB does not fl icker or cause the glare phenomenon.

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