Solar street light [INQ. NO. 1610E14] KTES, since its establishment in 2005 has continuously been challenging existing high-technology industries in the electrical/electronic/communication sector. As a company specialising in signal processing devices used in defence sector radars and sonar systems, multi-function console for electric system and power supply devices, KTES works for a better future using renewable energy technology.


KTES’s solar street light is a green renewable energy device. It works by storing power generated by the solar module in the battery at daytime and runs the LED lamp using battery power at night time.
KTES’s solar road stud is also highly competitive product that uses a self solar power generation system that illuminates the LED lamp with eco-friendly energy saved in the battery or super capacitor. This converts solar light into electrical energy through its own solar cell and thus does not require additional power supply.
KTES recently developed a multifunctional streetlight called solar smart LED street light that is installed at the site in the form of a streetlight, which makes safety warnings after sensing motions of incoming and outgoing persons, reports to central control room, and acts as camera surveillance while at other times it is used to detect surrounding environments (temperature, humidity, etc.,). All these operations are established with only the configuration of a multifunctional remote control system PCB that is installed in the web server of the central control room and at the site. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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