Manufacturing Car Video Recorder, GPS Navigation, Mobile Data Terminal and IoT Products 201611ee_page_24_03CNSLink was established in 2000 primarily as a design house for wireless network products, based in Korea. CNSLink developed its Key Phone System, IAD and IP Telephony products mainly for Samsung Electronics. CNSLink is now doing business in the areas of vehicle- related products such as car video recorder, GPS navigation, mobile data terminal and IoT products such as LTE router, IP camera with 21 engineers and 25 staff s in sales, management and customer service, and 30 employees in manufacturing.

201611ee_page_24_10CNSLink factory is well-systemized and modernized. Its quality-control management standard level is based on meeting top-level companies’ requirements in Korea. The factory has three assembly lines, two SMD lines and various test machines.

CNSLink is now extending its business in general consumer markets, and also in B to B markets such as FMS, LBS, AVL in more than 10 countries including Germany, Austria, France, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Japan, the USA, etc. It is one of the top-fi ve navigation (MDT) and car DVR manufacturers with its brand “MyDean” in Korea and has the biggest market share for commercial LTE routers, in cooperation with LG Telecom.

Car Video Recorders (MyDean) and Android Mobile Data Terminal

E100 is a WiFi car video recorder that features dual-channel recording with front and rear, WiFi support for both iOS and Android and support up to 64GB SD card. With TAT fi le format, there is no need to format the SD card periodically so the lifecycle of the SD card is extended. Its recording mode is changed to parking mode automatically when the engine is off . A built-in microphone is available for voice recording and a built in speaker enables vocal guidance.
W350 is a 3.5-inch WiFi car video recorder. It also features dual-channel recording, front and rear, with 3.5-inch full touch LCD. WiFi support for both iOS and Android is available for preview and download to smartphone. With its TAT fi le format, there is no need to format the SD card, which supports up to 64GB. GPS tracking is done by external smart GPS. It also has a parking mode, which sets in when the car engine is switched off . A built-in microphone and a built-in speaker are also available.

AN8000 is Android Mobile Data Terminal (GPS Navigation). It features Ublox8, a dual GPS and GLONASS.

It has 8GB of ROM and 1GB of DDR3 DRAM with Android 4.4.2 installed. It supports USB, Audio input and output and an auto-detect R-camera. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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