Developing and Manufacturing Various Semiconductors such as Touch

Since its foundation in 2000, Zinitix Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing various semiconductors such as touch controllers, AF drivers, vibration motor drivers and AMOLED DC-DC converters, and the company is specialized in system IC with continuous research and development.

Its products apply to various fi elds ranging from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, to laptop PCs, home appliances and automotive. Its touch controller IC products provide optimized production solutions for all TSP structures such as On_Cell, GF, GF1, All_ITO, Metal Mesh, TCTF and etc. with excellent functionality secured in the fi elds of current sinking and waterproofness.

As for AF driver IC products, the company has a full line-up that supports high defi nition, video optimization, dual camera, anti-shake function for the latest camera module based on its production experiences for both open loop AF and closed loop AF to respond rapidly to the demands of the market and customers.

Zinitix Co., Ltd has established portfolios that make the demands of the market and customers top priority in the fabless semi-conductor market with infi nite growth potential. It intends to become a global system IC leader by providing the best products and services based on innovative technology development in the IT blending era.
Touch Controller IC, AF Driver IC, Vibration Motor Driver IC and DC-DC Converter IC

Touch controller IC solution features patentprotected CDMS technology, TSP structure 201611ee_page_25_03free, high SNR and ultra-low power. Its applications range from mobile devices, to tablets, wearables, automotive and home appliances. AF driver IC solution off ers a full line-up from low end to premium CCM.

With its innovative technology, it features fast sett ling time, minimum ringing and no audible noise. It features a small package size. Vibration driver IC solution features powerful and crisp vibration eff ect. And the AMOLED power driver IC solution has the DC-DC converter for AMOLED display panels for mobile.

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