Possessing the Best Domestic Technologies such as PCAP Capacitance Controller Design Technology and TSP Pattern Design Technology

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Nano Touchsystem, Co., Ltd. is a venture that was founded in October 2014, with a research team that has 20 years of technical know-how. It has domestic technologies that are the best in Korea, such as PCAP capacitance controller design technology and TSP patt ern design technology.

As for technical competitiveness, Nano Touchsystem possesses tuning technology with multi-point up to 60, large scaled metal mesh TSP patt ern design technology, IOT related hardware platform and interface between devices, controller tuning technology for atypical products, touch panel and curved materials with entry barrier of technical support up to 84” secured. Nano Touchsystem submits its products mainly to exhibitions in Japan and Europe. It is now competing with Sharp.

PCAP TSP & Multi Touch LCD Display, Smart Mirror Module and Smart Touch Table
PCAP touch sensor and touch LCD monitor are easy and convenient to apply to customers’ products with various sizes of displays. They feature projected capacitive 60-touch point, USB interface for Windows and Android interface.

Their change of touch direction depends on PC monitor rotation with changeable touch position by key input. They come with volume up/down key and power on/off by outsource input signal. Also, they have adaptable outside system interface and multi-touch point maximum 60-touch point.

Mirror touch display features one-way mirror glass, projected capacitive 60 point touch, USB interface for Windows and Android interface. Types of mirror touchscreen are diverse along with thickness of mirror glass. Customized touch screen position on mirror is available. I/R reaction sensor, camera and speaker are supported. Volume up/down key and power on/off by outsource input signal are available. Adaptable outside system interface such as table height control is available.
And there is no need to calibrate between touch and LCD panel.

201611ee_page_26_03Smart mirror display is a combination of mirror coating glass and touch sensor. Nano Touch system has been able to refl ect various requests from overseas exhibitions with its own commercialized technology. It can provide displays ranging from 17 inches to 84 inches with interface board technology.

Smart mirror display can be applied to anywhere with mirrors, such as dressing table, closet and bathroom, because it is a multi nano-board that controls space and environment by combining mirror with touch technology. It can be connected to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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