Electronics and Electronic Communication Products

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611E05] Founded in 1986, DongWoo Tech. was selected as a subcontractor by LG in the same year. Since then, it has successfully applied for several patents with damping hinge, automatic closing hinge, new type latch, assembled latch & door S/W, extrusion molding process & duct drop, etc. It was also selected as a subcontractor by Haier in 2008. It has also been awarded contracts with Brazilian, Swiss and Czech global telecommunication companies.

Producing Fiber Duct, SMC, Electronic Appliances and Press Line

DongWoo Tech. produces SMC that is made of metal material which is eco-friendly and recyclable as scrap iron. It is possible to install in swimming pools without corrosion due to high durability and heatproofi ng. It is easy and quick to install with a clip-bar and comes at a more inexpensive price with bett er performance than AL spandrel and SMC products.

As for electronic appliances, DongWoo Tech. produces injection plastic hinge, die-casting hinge, standard latch, simple latch, pin latch, auto closing hinge, chest freezer hinge, bracket hinge, built-in hinge, oil damper, auto open hinge and pantry fl ap cover oil damper.

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