Remote Power Control and Monitoring Systems [INQ. NO. 1611E04] Established in 2010, Cospan Corporation has been able to develop remote power control & monitoring systems to provide sustained service of electric / communication systems and to improve energy-use effi ciency. Now, Cospan is focusing on developing the No.1 technologies and designs for the smart-grid system through continuous investigation and challenge to create innovations.

201611ee_page_44_07Remote power controllers such as Cospan’s RPC-SP2 allows the connected electric devices to be switched on and off respectively through networks and the Internet with a simple mouse click without any additional management web server installation. It has its own IP address, an ethernet port and an embedded web server for simple operation from any web browser.

The RPC-SP2 can be used as an initial countermeasure for problems with remote control systems. RPC-SP2T can control remotely the delivery of electric power into connected electric devices that have less than 5A current capacity such as CCTV, lighting systems and entrance control system. It is appropriate for small-sized remote control networks. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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