Robots such as Ship Hull Block Welding Robots, Aspherical Lens Handling Robots, Painting Robots and Welding Leg Length Digital Testers [INQ. NO. 1611E03] Robot Valley Co. is comprised of professional engineers with more than 25 years’ experience in the fi elds of robots and automation systems. The company has been developing cutt ing-edge manufacturing robots such as ship hull block welding robots, aspherical lens handling robots, painting robots and welding leg length digital testers.

It has been designated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy as a supervisory company over robot demonstration projects during manufacturing processes in the year 2011 to contribute to productivity and quality improvement of eight companies in the province of Gyeongnam.

Robot Valley also developed and commercialized a welding leg length digital tester (B-ONE). And it submitt ed the product to the International Welding Exhibition 2012 in Osaka, Japan. Although Japan is a technologically advanced country when it comes to arc welding, B-ONE was well-received, so it is now planned to be exported to Japan. Robot Valley has the best competency in the fi eld of monotonous robots with application performance and technical skills. Also, in the fi eld of manufacturing robots, an export contract is under way with a German company.

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