Automatic toothbrush [INQ. NO. 1612E03] COOLSSHA automatic toothbrush is another new brand from the Noksibcho Group, which has grown into a medical company seeking to promote a healthier world. It has been producing a variety of health foods, cosmetics, and medical appliances for over 30 years, including Noksibcho (convalescent) hospital.

Based on accumulated know-how of excellent product development technology acquired through exporting to over 20 countries so far, Noksibcho Group understands that healthy teeth aff ects human life greatly. It has thus researched/developed an automatic toothbrush “COOLSSHA” together with dental specialists (medical staff and scholars) since 19 years ago, aiming to produce the world’s top product.


COOLSSHA boasts of internationally patented technology for the three-dimensional cleaning type brush, realizing, in the most ideal way, tooth brushing techniques of horizontal reciprocating and vertical sweeping recommended by dentists. The company is committ ed to further research on the COOLSSHA automatic toothbrush for people’s healthy life and longevity, and its management and staff will continue striving to grow into a globalized special company and to reward customers for their loyal support.

The most ideal tooth brushing technique recommended by dental clinics is brushing teeth side to side(horizontally) and sweeping (vertically, at a 45 degree angle against the gumline).

The fundamental brushing technique of “COOLSSHA” uses two brushes (sides reciprocates: max. 1,648 strokes per minute; rotations: max. 340 strokes per minute) and the center brush (reciprocate: max. 824 strokes per minute) works simultaneously for implementing the most ideal brushing technique.

The two-sided bristles are designed to be in contact with teeth at 45 degrees and to perform by brushing from side to side (horizontally) and by sweeping (vertically, at a 45 degree angle, against the gum-line), which allows eff ective cleaning of the inter dental area, and the back and front of teeth. It eff ectively removes plaque much bett er than a conventional tooth brush and also creates a smooth and refreshing massaging eff ect – Secret of 45 degrees.

At a recent overseas exhibition, some overseas buyers from the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan, and Singapore showed a great deal of interest, and the company was asked to be interviewed by national TV channels of Germany and France.

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