https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612E02] Fodics system aims to lead the security products developers with its own technologies. The company not only intends to develop the best solution with multiple functions, the most user friendly and the highest grade next generation DVR, but also develop image compression, multi-channel signal process and network, etc. by professionals from each fi eld.

HD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) makes up for the weak points in the current analog images and uses HD-SDI technologies to develop its high-defi nition digital video recorder HD-SDI DVR. The FHD-Series DVR from Fodics is for the HD-SDI high-defi nition digital recording system. It allows for the input of full HD images through the HD-SDI method and records full HD images and also analog SD camera images at the same time.
HD-SDI off ers easy installation by using current HFBF 5C coaxial. It also clears various problems caused by the IP method systems such as complicated installations, delayed transferring, disconnection of network, low transferring frame and slow PTZ control or lens reaction, etc. The Fodics DVR’s main features include DVR surveillance functions such as clear images and resolution support, recording space and system operation situation indication, etc., DVR search including multiple search support, smart search, indication in color recorded in each timetable, etc., DVR setup functions including resolution setup are possible by each camera, simple setup functions, etc., and DVR network functions including two way audio, remote search, sensor relay, remote reboot function, etc.

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