Manufacturing DC to AC Inverters that Transfer Electric Power its establishment in September, 2000, PNK Hitech has been studying, developing, designing, and manufacturing DC to AC inverters that transfer electric power.

The company has built a foundation for manufacturing as well as accumulating technological power to secure multiple technological and property rights, including circuit patents, right of utility model, design and software.

As Korea’s best technological capacity in low power, PNK Hitech has the greatest market share in Korea and exports its inverters to the USA, Iran, etc.

DARDA, the Representative Brand of PNK Hitech
PNK Hitech produces inverters based on pure sine wave and modifi ed sine wave under the brand name of DARDA.
It also manufactures solar inverters, transfer switches and batt ery chargers.
As for pure sine wave, there are line-ups such as DK series, DK rackmount, DK for export and KEY series. And the DK series, for example, has 12V, 24V and 48V. The DK series are used for SMPS, replacements for power generators, induction, electric/electronic products with built-in inverter circuit, precision test equipment, precision medical equipment, precision audio and video equipment, solar lamp, mercury/Halogen/HQI lamp, non-linear load(motor/coil etc.), other electrical or electronic equipment.
201611ee_page_28_06Modifi ed sine wave inverters feature product confi guration and high stability with 95% maximum effi ciency (DC 24V) and 89% of max output effi ciency. They are cutt ing-edge devices confi gured with original technologies of circuit operation and connection parts with various patents and licenses.

They are also highly competitive in terms of prices. Main features include smart auto protech controlled by software high effi ciency power by a parallel output circuit, auto input (DC)/ output (AC) control circuits, auto surge output control by an output (AC) sensor.

PNK Hitech’s solar inverter is embedded with MPPT charger so its charge is effi cient with various functions combined for easy installation. The price is relatively cheap.

Its smart charger ensures safe charging with prevention functions of overcurrent and overvoltage with solid durability and minimum heat.
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