Specialization in Designing, Developing and Manufacturing Professional Medical Equipment in the Field of U-Healthcare Systems

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryMicro Display Inc. is a leading manufacturer of display products for professional / commercial / industrial applications. Micro Display Inc. is competitive in terms of designing, developing and manufacturing digital signage displays and industrial / professional application displays, video wall display systems and transparent displays in South Korea. It strives to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage through future-oriented innovative R&D and new business developments.


Micro Display is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing professional medical equipment in the fi eld of U-Healthcare system. It off ers innovative technology, world-class value and reliable communication software solutions and U-Healthcare system with its medical products that come in various smart sensor system, mobile communications and software solutions.

Optical based elastography detector for breast tumors for smartphones & heart care beat sensor and telemedicine system
Characterizing and locating sub-surface tumors will greatly enhance the detection and treatment of breast cancer. In addition, using the salient features of the captured tactile sensation image, the company decided to include features such as size, depth, and Young’s modulus.

It is easy to att ach and remove on cellular phones.

201611ee_page_27_03The light scatt ers as the waveguide deforms due to the external force presented by a stiff inclusion. The light is illuminated under the critical angle for the full refl ection within the waveguide. When the waveguide is compressed by a stiff region, the contact area of the waveguide deforms, which causes the light to scatt er. The scatt ered light is then captured by a high-resolution camera. It is developed based on the optical phenomenon known as the total internal refl ection principle.

201611ee_page_27_10As a Patch-type ECG sensor, use technology which can diagnose arrhythmia through arrhythmia-detecting algorithm is the arrhythmia database by transmitt ing ECG to a receiving end through wireless communications to medical hospital computer systems. The patch-type ECG sensor system is a computerassisted arrhythmia diagnosis system by comparing signals measured and transmitt ed through the optimal arrhythmia-detecting.

As a non-batt ery in body ECG sensor, it helps medical workers instantly diagnose arrhythmia by implanting small-size sensors of 30 x 5 mm at three parts of the body including precordium, lower collarbone and arm, delivering it to a receiving end and central server through wireless communications.

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