Becoming a Global Leader in semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Solar Cell, and Lighting Industries[INQ. NO. 1704E21]
JUSUNG Engineering is a leading processequipment technology provider for the semiconductor, flat panel display, solar cell, and lighting industries. Since its founding in 1995, JUSUNG’s innovations enable customers and partners to produce advanced technology products while maintaining cost competitiveness and shortening time to market.
The company’s emphasis on generating unique and innovative products has led to over 1,850 global patents and multiple prestigious awards such as Korea’s Ten Best Technologies and World Class 300 Company certificate of designation. Its world-class R&D center, manufacturing, and administrative offices are located outside Seoul in Gyeonggi, South Korea, with sales and service centers around the world in China, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, Germany, and France.



Developed by JUSUNG Engineering, SDP-CVD (Space Divided Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) is considered to be one of the most advanced and promising technologies as the system can handle all of the deposition processes by PE-CVD, LP-CVD and ALD. In combination with newconcept plasma technology, the SDP-CVD provides improved productivity up to twice than PE-CVD and LP-CVD. It is an innovative system designed to manage high-quality film coating even when the temperature is below 400°C by maximizing the merits of the ALD system and tackling PE-CVD system’s drawback of wafer damage from plasma.

OLED Encapsulation (ALD & CVD)

As per thin-film encapsulation equipment, JUSUNG has completed R&D on a hybrid-type encapsulation system suitable for large-scale encapsulation based on PE-CVD that had already been recognized for its mass-production feasibility up to 8G in LCD manufacturing process.
JUSUNG has also completed development of PE-ALD for large-scale thin-film encapsulation in a new structure for the first time in the world. It supplies both large and small equipment to customers on a continuous basis. JUSUNG has proprietary technology for dealing with film deposition equipment in specific processes for semiconductor manufacturing including selective semispheric silicon deposition and atomic layer deposition, which were ranked first in global market share by an international market research organization. As semiconductor devices increasingly become more integrated and smaller, demand for ALD equipment is expected to grow, and poly etchers play a critical role in diversifying the product group as general purpose equipment that can be used not only in DRAM, but also in NAND Flash and Logic, a non-memory area.
JUSUNG has developed and supplies thin-fi lm type solar cell manufacturing equipment as well as crystalline solar cell manufacturing equipment.
Having already built strong TFT LCD technology and infrastructure related to large-scale glass PECVD equipment up to 5G through 8G, JUSUNG has been able to secure a competitive advantage easily thanks to its strong foundation that facilitated access to the solar cell business, which uses similar hardware.
In 2002, JUSUNG succeeded in developing PECVD for 5G LCD which integrates cutt ing-edge technologies and gained a market share of over 55% in 8G equipment in 2009.
JUSUNG is known globally for its excellent technology in LCD PECVD equipment by supplying it to mass production lines of LCD manufacturers at home and abroad. Furthermore, JUSUNG has developed encapsulation equipment in OLED (organic light emitt ing diodes display), highlighted as a next-generation display, and supply equipment to mass-production lines of global OLED display panel makers. With the recent completion of development in OLED TFT equipment, JUSUNG is doing its utmost to become a global top-tier equipment provider in the next-generation display industry.
In the lighting industry, JUSUNG has developed not only GaN MOCVD for LED, but also OLED lighting turnkey technology. OLED lighting is a high-efficiency/eco-friendly light source that is closest to natural light without any artifi cial treatment. Above all, since the spectrum distribution of OLED lighting is not harmful to human eyes, it is gaining much att ention as the next generation of lighting. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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