Integrated Monitoring Solution[INQ. NO. 1704E09] NKIA Corp. is a professional company that develops IT operation management solutions as the representative software in South Korea. The company develops solution software that helps IT service operate without problems in contemporary IT services-centered society. The solution of NKIA monitors the performance and failure of IT infrastructure such as hardware, software, and networks in IT services, and works to understand the performance in every infrastructure in order to operate the system without a break from start to finish.
NKIA leads the IT operation and management market with innovative and stable technical skills based on IT infrastructure-monitoring solutions in servers or networks. The company was awarded the grand prize in “Korea SW” and in “Korea SW Enterprise Competitive Power,” and selected as one of “Korea’s 50 SW Venders.” These results made NKIA the best software company in South Korea.
Apart from monitoring solutions, the company developed and propagated the core solutions that were necessary for IT service operation/management such as cloud operation/management solutions for the Korean government’s cloud service, and ITSM solutions based on ITIL.
As an integrated monitoring solution, POLESTAR EMS 7 offers stable and unstoppable IT service by collecting various IT infrastructure’s and application’s performances and failure data in real time to prevent and manage failures in advance. A big data processing engine enables the solution to process and analyze big data.

Faster and More Reliable Solutions
POLESTAR Automation automates overall operations management of server/network/storage/virtualization configurations management, application provisioning, patching, auditing, deploying, changing settings, and complying with policies. It is an automation solution for providing rapid response and diagnosis to increased operations complexity from large-scale computing resources and virtual environments of data centers, new business requirements, and rearrangement of organizational structure.
NKIA started its business with three employees in 1999, but by 2009 the employees numbered over 100, and in 2013, the total number of employees was over 150. The total sales of NKIA reached 50 million won in 1999, and increased to 10 billion won by 2011, maintaining the large rate of growth. NKIA is now focusing on entering the global market in order to be the best Korean software company in the world. It is striving to develop its global competence with researches and investment in order to be one of the best companies in the global IT market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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