Ultrasonic & Non-Invasive Face Lifting System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1704E08] HSC Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing aesthetic machines for over 10 years, producing a wide range of beauty and skin care machines such as highintensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), cavitation, radio frequency (RF), electroporation, ultrasound, skin care, scalp treatment, injector, etc.

Smart Sonic / High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
This is a tight-focused ultrasonic & non-invasive facelifting system using high-intensity acoustic waves to stimulate the skin’s dermal layer aponeurosis layer. High-intensity ultrasound applied directly into the deep facial skin and body fat layer from a continuous thermal freezing point contains fat layer (13mm), SMAS (4.5mm), lower dermis (3.0mm), upper dermis (1.5mm) multiple skin scalpel.

Ulverin, Tight- Focused Ultra Sound
The Ultrasonic energy is focused on low-vitro in vivo. The high-energy ultrasound focusing area is formed by thermal eff ects of local organizations to achieve instant 60~80°C temperature. Additional eff ects are joint cavitation Ultrasonic, thermal eff ects, combined eff ects of the immune eff ects, etc.
Ulverin stimulates collagen and elasticity of fi bers from regenerated reorganization surface of the skin without causing any harm, as well as building muscles and restoring skin elasticity.

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