Interference Cancellation System(Digital Repeater)[INQ. NO. 1704E07] Since its establishment in 2004, RF window has developed and commercialized ICS (Interference Cancellation System, Digital Repeater) solution for the fi rst time in the world. It has been providing many global wireless operators with dramatic CAPEX & OPEX reduction as well as cost-eff ective wireless solutions for coverage expansion and enhancement.
The ICS system is able to eff ectively eliminate all multipath signals including direct feedback from the coverage antenna, indirect feedback from predictable obstacles and can now even cancel indirect feedback from unpredictable obstacles despite changes in feedback signal timing and amplitude.
RF Window off ers a wide array of wireless coverage products ranging from very low power indoor products, which seamlessly bring the outdoor coverage indoors (and underground) to medium- and highpower open area products, capable of improving dense urban cellular network coverage and extending base station coverage to urban and suburban areas.
RF Window products are supplemented by auxiliary products including EMS (Equipment Management System), DM Tool (Diagnostic Monitoring Tool) and Modem providing the Mobile Network Operators with a complete last mile solution.
WINCO is a digital interference cancellation of indoor repeater system that can help you extend your LTE-TDD service to the wireless dead zones of indoor applications such as homes, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. It is a simple plug and play operation with embedded donor and service antenna once the power is on. Its unique and advanced technology adaptation of T-Sync modem will enable more subscribers to enjoy their indoor mobile broadband life with more stable and superior performance of its WINCO.
RF Window’s “Hybrid Combiner” is used to combine various wireless bands. Signal applied to any of four input port will be split equally between four output ports. Because of symmetry, multiple signals in the same wireless band can be combined to common feeder cable, as might be required in a system shared in-building distributed antenna system. Special attenuation has been directed to maximize isolation across the wireless bands and minimize passive inter-modulation (PIMD).
The company has extended its business sector to supply total wireless solution such as antenna; Outdoor sector & Indoor Omni, Passive solution; Hybrid combiner & POI(Point of Interface) and optical products; Optical MUX.
RF Window plans to consolidate its existing business structure first, actively develop new business in the ubiquitous field and reinforce its global marketing to step up as a world-class IT company. It will also reinforce its R&D and discover talents to become the best IT company with core technologies. In short, it will make seamless efforts to become a global leading wireless equipment solution vendor in the future. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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