Cramps Easing Device[INQ. NO. 1706E03] This is a product easing cramps using transcutaneous nerve stimulation technology of Insung Infomation, known as HiCare-Ladysms TENS. It is the latest crampeasing device applying cramps-easing technology that is suddenly capturing the limelight.
Examining its operational principles, a pain-relieving action works as a particular low-frequency signal blocks a nerve pathway where a pain stimulus occurring in the womb or stomach is transmitted to the brain. It can be used safely without tolerance since a blocking effect continues working for a couple of minutes during and after the time when a signal is working.
A user can enjoy immediate effects by using this product, so he or she can quickly feel effective pain relief within just 1~5 minutes of wearing it. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes until the effect of a pain reliever is felt to be working.
Above all, it is easy to carry, featuring a company subminiature size (similar to the size of a lip balm) of 22g and 3x5cm. It operates for up to 11 hours with a single battery charging. It can be charged using a USB cable.
It also features outstanding safety. As a result of a clinical test implemented by Seoul Asan Hospital, its positive effects showed in all subjects (100%). There were no reported toxicity- and side- effects shown during a clinical test. This product obtained KFDA, CFDA and CE certifications as its beneficial effects are proven through clinical tests. TENS is technology where its cramps- easing effects are proven by clinical tests worldwide. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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