Access Control System[INQ. NO. 1706E02] Myoungjin S&T recently released its latest access control system, Speed Gate (SG-MJ500). SG-MJ500 is a system that helps to prevent information leakage in advance and save maintenance cost, by restricting unauthorized access to the user’s security data.
When the system is activated, trespassers are not allowed access due to use of the sliding mode. It will open automatically in correspondence with a fire or blackout. The 12mm safety tempered glass is used to provide safety and convenience for users. The diagonal structure of the card reader makes card reading easier when compared to other existing products and creates a pleasant working environment with its sophisticated design.
This product is 1400mm X 960mm X 300mm in size, giving a smarter look than previous models. Stainless steel is applied to the side panel, and carbon film and ral color marble are applied to the upper wood. Stainless resin is used in the front part. AC tractor with microprocessor is applied.The RFID reader is the essential component in the system, while bar-code is applied as option. Effective operation is possible at -20°C~ 60°C. Access control program, guide fence, handicap and disabled gate, RFID reader, mobile reader and fingerprint reader are available separately. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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