Softseed, Released ‘Mint T Wallet,’ a Travel Ledger for iOS[INQ. NO. 1706E01] Softseed recently released ‘Mint T Wallet,’ a travel ledger for iOS at App Store. The travel ledger application launched by Softseed at this time is the iOS version of the previously manufactured ‘Mint T Wallet’ for Android. ‘Mint T Wallet’ for Android and iOS are compatible, so a user’s data can be transferred intact, even if a user switches to a different model.
‘Mint T Wallet’ never saves a user’s personal information, so there are no concerns for users worrying about recent privacy problems. Only a user can confirm not only his/her location but also a money-spending record.
In the iOS version of the updated ‘Mint T Wallet,’ the UI design became neater as it was dramatically improved and cover registration for each travel, review and rating functions are added. This update was made by considering the fact that users of the existing Android application are concentrated in foreign markets such as Japan, Europe, etc., rather than in Korea.
Advantages of ‘Mint T Wallet’ are demonstrated in the restore function. Backup files can be transferred to iCloud to resolve inconvenience when restoring and past records can be extracted as a CSV form, etc. only with a couple of touches. A user’s information is stored only in an email in these all processes.
Moreover, ‘Mint T Wallet’ simply informs by applying an exchange rate of a basic currency when a user enters an amount and shows a current location and a relation of the current spending accumulation compared to a budget while travelling. Furthermore, when a user pushes ‘See a Report’ after completing travel, he or she can recall his/her travel through a location where he/she spent money or a memo that he/she recorded.
Seung-mi Lee, the CEO of Softseed explained, “We tried to allow iOS users to conveniently use the product by adding 3D-touch and today’s widget functions to improve accessibility of the current Mint T Wallet. We are planning to develop the iOS version of Good Calendar.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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