Surge Protective Devices provides total solutions such as manufacturing surge protective devices and analysis of damage caused by electrical surge as a specialist in lightning strikes. It supplies surge protective devices for high-quality power, signal, telecom, coaxial and LAN lines that are equipped with large capacity, multifunctional and complete protection performance. It also manufactures autorecovery circuit breakers and smart electricity supply systems.
Based on its exclusive expertise and technology, the company supplies high-quality surge protectors that provide complete protection, strict safety and surge information, thereby promoting system stability and efficient facility management for clients’ key equipment. The company is fully equipped to solve any problems originating from lightning strikes and electrical disturbances, and continuously strives to improve quality and service to clients’ satisfaction.


High-Performance and Multi-functional Surge Protectors

Koenone’s power line surge protective devices are CE certified products according to IEC 61643-11 standard. They perform complete protection function with their most optimal design. The company provides various types such as 3-Phase 4-Wire; 3-Phase 3-Wire; Single Phase 2-Wire; Serial and Parallel. These protectors come with line voltage measurement and display, and backlight LCD type surge counter (Non-volatile Memory type). They are also equipped with diagnosis module for leakage current, surge information history management and RS485 communication module. Lastly, their aluminum cases have proven safety against surge protector failure. Their applications include instrument power such as fl ow meter, water gauge and electronic scale, actuator power and other singular device power.
Signal/Telecom surge protective devices are also CEcertified products based on IEC 616432-21. They perform complete protective function with the most optimized quadruple hybrid design. They come in various types, such as 2-wire, 4-wire, DC 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V and 185V for analog signal, telecom, data signal, digital signal, LAN and video signal. They are equipped with reverse surge protection and surge counter. They have completed tests for 20kV and 10kA (Up 150V or below) in accordance with IEC 61643-21. Their applications include 4-20mA analog signal line, RS485, Fnet telecom line, load cell, data line, ADSL modem and PC LAN. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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