WIMI 14 Inch Pedestal Standing Fan

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its establishment in 1994, Myung Sung Inc. has been specializing in manufacturing and distributing wireless household electric appliances, auxiliary batteries,and silicon-made products. It also has been importing and exporting corporate promotion materials at retail and wholesale. It leads the market based on reasonable prices through producing and distributing goods both at home and abroad by offering top-quality products and providing after-sales services.


“WIMI Wireless 14” Pedestal Fan

WIMI Silence 14 inch pedestal fans are wireless with auxiliary battery that can be used indoors or outdoors without a cable. Their built-in 15,600mAh batteries aredetachable and can be used as a power bank, depending on their application. Wireless remote control allows remote controlling within 7

meters. The remote control allows oscillating, timer, LED indicator, air volume and on/off function. And by using the Nidec BLDC motor from a Japanese motor company, batteries last longer than other existing batteries. These pedestal fans are relatively quiet with their noise level less than 50dB, even if the fans are used at their highest speed. They can operate up to 35 hours in non-oscillating mode and 15 hours in oscillating mode.

The speed can be adjusted in six steps. Silent gear (step 1-2) is preferred by sensitive people as it is silent. Sleep gear (step 3) is for pregnant women, children and elderly people when they sleep.
Natural gear (step 4) is suitable for daily activities and crowded indoor offices. Lastly, cold wind gear (step 5-6) creates cool wind. Other advantages include their automatic switch-off after 12 hours and adjustable height. The inclination angle can also be adjustable.

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